British city official reveals his own ET contact and calls for the US government to release its UFO files

A growing chorus of voices is urging, even clamoring for, the US government to end the truth embargo about its knowledge of extra-terrestrial visitor contact and military technology transfer. The French government three years ago published an (as yet not translated) high-level government/science report; the Vatican last year openly declared its openness to and interest in knowledge of and communication with ET visitors. There seems to be a concerted campaign to shame or embarrass the US, who probably holds the most material, into disclosure.

Most recently the British government has remained silent on a speech by Winchester City Councilor Adrian Hicks, who openly calls for the US Space Command to come forward with the truth. Hicks’ speech amounts to formal disclosure at his level of government.

Hicks is clearly incensed that the elected representatives of both the US and the UK have no idea what the facts of the matter as he sees them are. His speech is the culmination of a long-term plan executed in response to his sighting of a non-human entity walking freely on a British street in broad daylight. Hicks realized the political risk of campaigning on the issue, so he stood for and eventually won a Councilor’s seat and served with merit for some time before making his appeal to the US for ‘Judgment and Democracy’. A bootleg video of his speech is traveling the internet like wildfire, despite early attempts by Google to censor the message by removing the video from YouTube. The video of an interview with Hicks can be found at

In my 2008 book The Expansion of Consciousness I wrote:

Perhaps the most significant consciousness expanding development in our time is the steadily increasing worldwide disclosure about UFO sightings and ET contacts…As the veils of official government secrecy and disinformation are lifted, the time will come (sooner or later) when there is worldwide conscious public recognition of the presence of scientifically and technologically highly advanced civilizations visiting Earth from other worlds. Recognition of their scientific and technological superiority follows logically from acknowledgement of their presence – from the fact that they are here (and “we” have so far only gone as far as the Moon). While this recognition has already occurred for numerous individuals (e.g. like the English Councillor Adrian Hicks) when it occurs publicly and openly, it will be, without question, the most significant consciousness expanding event in the history of civilization. (

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