To vaccinate or not – confusions and deceptions

The chorus of reasonable voices questioning the rush to vaccinate everyone for the swine flu virus is growing. Even as the CDC and FDA are promoting the urgency of vaccination, health care providers are encountering shortages of the vaccine. Our family is on the Kaiser Permanente plan, and even though I’m in the supposedly vulnerable elderly age group, my doctor informed me they don’t have the vaccine. Which suits me just fine. Like many others, I suspect the role of the medical-industrial profit motive in this whole vaccination campaign. There are too many critical unanswered questions.

Byron Belitsos and Len Saputo, authors of the recently published A Return To Healing: Radical Health Care Reform and the Future of Medicine ( point out the following puzzling facts:

  • The CDC is increasingly obfuscating the facts about incidence and virulence of the H1N1 virus.
  • The WHO redefined the word  “pandemic” one month after the swine flu breakout.
  • H1N1 is not a serious infection; the death rate is lower than typical seasonal flu.
  • Some doses of the H1N1 vaccine contains do contain mercury and other toxins, regardless of current state laws.
  • In spite of numerous other safety issues, H1N1 vaccine makers are immune to prosecution for medical-liability suits.

Norman Shealey, MD, renowned pioneering holistic physician ( adds that a significant percent of people get flu-like symptoms, and even lethality, from the shot itself; and there is good evidence that those who had 5 consecutive flu vaccinations in the 70’s have a marked increase in the incidence of Alzheimer’s Disease. Shealey’s recommended alternative flu prevention regimen includes high doses of vitamin D, potassium, vitamin C, homeopathic oscillococcinum and other readily available remedies.

Another natural preventive formulation that I like and take is V-Shield, formulated by Durk Pearson and Sandy Shaw, available from Vitamin Research Products ( it contains Vitamin C, Vitamin D, quercetin, Green tea extract, N-acetylcysteine and resveratrol.

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