What is it like to have a face-to-face encounter with an alien?

In a recent article in the Australian Nexus New Times magazine (March-April 2010), Linda Moulton Howe, an Italian journalist who has written a couple of books on her interviews with a variety of ET contactees, describes a hitherto unpublished encounter story related to her by a retired member of the AFOSI (US Air Force Office of Special Investigations). This man she calls “John Smith” was assigned to a unit that was investigating downed UFOs. His encounter with one of the Greys took place in Arizona, in 1978.

Based on his participation in several  such recovery missions, John Smith relates that there were two alien species that he became aware of: one he calls Blonds, six to seven feet tall, but human enough to walk around undetected, but on close-up their irises are bigger than human, and may be blue or gold. The other type are  the Greys, and he said “my unit, working through NSA’s Project Sigma..had learned some frequencies and mathematical communications that would usually connect with the Greys. At least we could send signals to them to try to communicate.”

John Smith said that when they were investigating a Grey craft that had landed, his boss told him that it “was time he understood what a telepathic download is like from one of those Greys.”  He was further told that the contact would probably scare him and he would faint, but that his boss and assistants would be nearby and he would be safe. The alien would be only four feet tall and had agreed to walk on the ground, which made him look like Donald Duck waddling, though they’d normally prefer to float a few feet off the ground.  He was further told that when the alien raised his eyes to look at him, “every cell in your body is going to be screaming to run, but you can’t…that’s when you lose all control of yourself and your and you just need to let it happen.” John Smith said he felt cocky and unafraid and that his boss was just being dramatic.”

John Smith then related how when the grey-colored being waddled (“just like Donald Duck)  out of the tent where the meeting was set up, with its eyes down, coming towards him – his whole body started to shake, he thought he would faint and wanted to run, but forced himself to stay,  as he knew his boss was nearby watching.  What happened next completely overwhelmed the young soldier. While he was trying to get his body to stop shaking, the Grey alien slowly started to raise his head, so he could see “the large, black, shiny eyes with narrow points near the center of the Grey’s flat face that ballooned out as the eyes slanted up and outward.”

“At the moment of eye contact with that Grey, it was like seven different feature films started rapidly running through my mind all at the same time with sound, temperature, touch and three-dimensional gold symbols superimposed over the films. I knew my mind was trying to ask questions, but that seemd to create all the branching pieces of film in my mind – like visual answers to whatever my brain was thinking. But while those films seemed to have something to do with where they Greys came from and why they are here, I also felt like my entire mind was being transferred to the Grey’s mind.  If God himself asked me what was communicated by that Grey, I don’t have a clue!”

He said that when the Grey lowered his eyes, he did start to faint, was caught by his boss and associates and passed out, to wake up some time later. He said his boss told him “now you understand why humans aren’t going to be sitting down with these guys over coffee and talking about the Universe any time soon.”

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