Is there a hidden reason for current high US unemployment?

According to Michael Salla, Ph.D., a leading commentator on the secret history of UFO/ET research, and author of Exposing US Government Policies on Extraterrestrial Life, it has to do with blocking or delaying development of free energy technology, that would make petroleum technologies obsolete. In his comments on exopolitics in the Honolulu Examiner, Salla writes –

As the U.S. economy slowly recovers, job creation has been painfully slow for the Obama administration. The reason for U.S. unemployment is all too evident to see. One just has to enter any large retail store, Wal Mart, Macy, etc., and see the all pervasive Made in China sign. China’s open access to U.S. markets had been a principle reason for rapid economic expansion which only a month ago led to China becoming the world’s second largest economy.  Why have the U.S. manufacturing and textile industries been allowed to collapse with production moving off-shore primarily to China? Is it merely because U.S. companies are making windfall profits with off-shore production, and their lobbyists have succeeded in getting Congress to approve the legislation to make this possible? Yes that’s part of the answer, but is there a deeper factor at work? Is the U.S. paying China off for its support on some unknown policy issue by sacrificing the US manufacturing and textile industries to Chinese products? What possible policy could China have secretly agreed to that warrants U.S. policy makers giving Chinese products unrestricted access to U.S. markets? The answer is in China holding off in developing advanced technologies that could revolutionize the energy industry. China is being paid-off to play dumb while the oil industry continues its global monopoly on how to power industries through fossil fuels.

4 Responses

  1. nice idea but Okams razor high rate of unemployment in US is just due to normal rules of capitalism.
    In the uk many service providers have their call centres in aprts of Arfica ( south ) or india .Why cause its cheaper. no need to look to ET their!

  2. Dr.Salla is off-base regarding his UFO conclusions. Apparently the 1937 designs in Austria of Hydo-Centrifical Propulsion Vehicles has not dawned upon him, nor Northrop’s Flying Wing, nor Horton’s update with jet propulsion, nor Ringwalker in Poland 1945 in electo-magnetic pulsating propulsion. Not to withold free energy. Not ET. Come on, people. And.., if it were, something out of the ordinary, he should simply state, “…it may possibly have been a weather balloon”. Get with it, people, National Security. Need to know basis: I don’t need to know, and they don’t need to tell me (whatever they are working on). [Chant: “USA”, “USA”, “USA”]

    Regarding holding China accountable for energy, there I must say, that Jesse Ventura, hit the ball right out of the ballpark, with his global warming theory and energy credits.

  3. You don’t have to be an economist, to know that past presidents and past congresses have systematically destroyed the economic base of the US, by passing
    economic policies and economic laws that have degraded America. The first one that comes to mind is from the Clinton Administration. “The US will become a service economy.” But there are many more. Like giving “the steel industry to Japan”. Another stroke of genius from of US leaders. Or the selling of major corporations or industries to companies overseas, like Westinghouse Nuclear to Japan. Or the selling of sea port operations to a European Company. Or training engineers and technicians in countries like India with
    US technology and know how. Tax incentives to build
    manufacturing plants outside the US. Free trade agreements. NAFTA and GATT. The list is on and on.
    I am sure most America’s have one that is their favorite and just cries, “idiots”.

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