Sane Reflections on the Weird California Elections – by the redoubtable Starhawk (from her blog)

1. Invest in life, not death:

Stop spending our money on war and death. Instead, spend it on things that improve peoples’ lives and address our grave environmental problems. Create those new, green technologies that will put more people to work. Fund education so young people don’t start their lives as debt slaves to college loans. Fund health care. Open up the prison gates and stop incarcerating people at one of the highest rates in the world.

2. Make the rich pay their fair share:

Raise taxes on those who can afford to pay them. It’s obscene that a Meg Whitman has $160 million dollars to spend on a campaign. The rich amass their money using the infrastructures we all pay for—they benefit inordinately and they are required to give very little back. Roll back the tax cuts for the wealthy. If California taxed the rich and the corporations at the rate we did under Reagan, we would not have a budget shortfall today.

3. Hold the real criminals accountable:

Executives who sign off on shoddy safety systems that destroy the ecology of a region, companies that cut corners with cut-rate cement, officials who authorize torture, banks that foreclose on the unemployed with ‘sloppy paperwork’ read ‘fraud’, hedge fund managers that do the dirty deals that eat up the pensions of working people—shut them down. Prosecute them—with criminal, not just civil, lawsuits when they deserve it. Put a moratorium on foreclosures.

4. Get big money out of our elections: Until we do this, until we have true campaign finance reform, those that serve big money will always have a competitive edge over those that challenge the interests of the rich.

Remember that the real work of change is always going on—if not in Washington, then in thousands of towns and neighborhoods and communities, if not in the halls of power, then in the streets. Don’t be complacent, but don’t despair. All around us are allies working for more justice, more freedom, more ecological balance, more peace. This is not a time to fall back, but to step up, to be bolder, braver, louder, funnier, more inventive, more outrageous, more committed. Political winds blow back and forth—hold to your deepest values, and we’ll stay the course.

Starhawks Blog

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