Season’s Blessings from friend Tom Pinkson

My old friend and compadre Tom Pinkson, sent out a wonderful Season’s Blessings letter, from which I’d like to quote the following two paragraphs – may they inspire you to search within for the abundant resources of inspiration and reward available to all of us.

In support of that light during this holy time of darkness may we remember that “When the going gets tough, We get what we practice”. If you do not have a practice that connects you with a light that sustains you through hard times, this winter is an excellent time to travel within to reflect on what qualities of Being you want to grow in your life, your sense of mission and purpose, why you are here, what gifts you bring to share with others that in so doing will bring you a sense of meaning and fulfillment – light through darkness.

In awareness of this when confronting challenge you can now ask yourself – “How can I respond to this situation in a way that moves me in the direction I want to grow/go/glow?” Because you have taken the time to discern the direction you do want to grow in, you are empowered out of victim reactivity into creative spiritual warriorhood consciously choosing to use your life-force energy in a skillful manner for positive manifestation – honoring the light within and being a channel for that light in the world.

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