A non-denominational, spiritual confession of faith, by a business education leader

The statement below was formulated by Gifford Pinchot, co-founder and president of the Bainbridge Graduate Institute, which offers an MBA centered around values of sustainability. He is credited with developing the concept of intrapreneuring, a way of developing sustainability innovations within a corporation. He writes (on his website),

I long for a resilient, ecologically restorative and more egalitarian civilization. A resilient civilization is one that has great capacity to adapt to shocks, shortages, attacks and subsystem failures.”

The statement below was sent to me by my friends Brian and Mary Natrass, who have taught at Bainbridge and work as consultants to businesses on sustability practices:

The Creed of the Gaian Church of God

I am a member of the Gaian Church of God. I am a Christian, a Moslem, a Buddhist, a Hindu, an Animist, a Druid and a Jew. I pray for the followers of all faiths, named or unnamed.

I stand in awe of the mysteries of existence, the vastness of the universe and the complexity of nature. I work to live in comfort with the mystery and a sense that something is going on that is infinitely bigger, more significant and more causative than me. Yet I am a small part of the mystery and am growing to include more of it without needing to understand it all. I seek to do my part.

I am a Gaian in the sense that I live on this planet and care deeply about the vitality of the life system of which I am part. I am a loyal member of life. I commit myself to defending life on Earth from whatever threatens to reduce, degrade or eliminate it …


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