Rare film footage of 1950s LSD studies

Journalist Don Lattin,  author of The Harvard Psychedelic Club, is writing a book about the relationship between the philosopher/writers Aldous Huxley and Gerald Heard, and their shared interest in LSD, which led to Bill Wilson being cured of alcoholism and founding AA. (Fortunately for the subsequent extraordinary success story of AA, Wilson’s original idea of also using LSD as part of the program, was dropped as too controversial).  The film footage shows psychiatrist Sidney Cohen conducting an LSD experimental therapy session with a woman in the 1950s  – and demonstrates the extraordinary disconnect of psychedelic experiences from the worldview and understanding of  mainstream psychiatry.


3 Responses

  1. Bill Wilson describes his profound awakening experience of “white light” and a feeling of “ecstacy” and “serenity.” He never drank again

  2. As a dry alcoholic, I must say that my LSD experiences were a great catalyst in bringing about the clarity of consciousness to enable the view that alcohol was destroying my psyche. As the psyche became clearer, I was able to see more clearly how I had failed to fully integrate the psychedelic experience into my life. Let me say that these were some 35 years ago ! The uninebriated mind is a wonder to behold.
    I wonder if others have taken so long after their last psychedelic experience to get the message ?

  3. Just a point of clarity. Bill wilson did not found aa after using LSD. He did not begin using LSD until the 1950’s and AA was founded in the 20’s. His initial spiritual experience was under the influence of a belladonna treatment in a hospital.

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