A group of compassionate aliens visits retarded Earth

This is a link to a very unusual French YouTube video in nine parts, called La Belle Verte (The Beautiful Green). The story is about a group of very happy, loving people, living a simple pastoral life, on another planet – who decide to send emissaries to Earth, which they do every 100 years or so, to see how Earth civilization is progressing, and try to help out.

While on Earth they explore, with compassion,  such strange and amusing artifacts as money, cars, cities, hospitals, etc. And they have the ability to “disconnect” Earth people from their blindness, so that they then go around hugging and thanking others, and admiring the beauty in all that they see.


3 Responses

  1. Loving this film – very entertaining – thank you, Ralph!

  2. Delightful. Thanks, brother Ralph.


  3. Fab film, I could see these people hugging the bluestones at Stonehenge.

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