Ever true to his vision, Tim Leary takes LSD in prison with his beloved

This is Joanna Harcourt-Smith’s account of taking acid with “internal freedom” pioneer Tim Leary, while the latter was in Folsom Prison, where he was being held for “crimes” without victims.  She smuggled in two tabs in her belly button and they shared them secretly while she was visiting.


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  1. Wonderful to read something about Timothy that I hadd not been aware of. I thank you for sharing it, Ralph, and like my other messages to you, I’m sure this one won’t be answered either. Therese, said perhaps you don’t remember us living at Millbrook in 66 &7, right up to “G Gordon Liddy time”. She made me sad when she opined that but, I got over it.. We’ll always love you Ralph…and bow to your divinity, Namaste

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