A progressive and obvious alternative to domestic budget cuts

Here is the information and analysis and links from the excellent newsletter of the Just Foreign Policy people (www.justforeignpolicy.org)

To hear the mainstream media tell it, America confronts a choice: Republican plans for cutting domestic spending or President Obama’s plans for cutting domestic spending. That’s what they want us to think.

You’d never know from the mainstream media that 80 Members of Congress have put forward an alternative to cuts in spending on domestic needs: the People’s Budget, advanced by the Congressional Progressive Caucus. The People’s Budget would cut military spending and end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Here is the link for the People’s Budget:

Here is a piece by Colombia University economist Jeffrey Sachs about the People’s Budget: 

And here is a piece by JFP’s Robert Naiman on why Jeffrey Sachs’ endorsement of the People’s Budget is so important and has such potential to influence the budget debate. Embedded in the article is a video interview with Jeffrey Sachs on Democracy Now:

One Response

  1. Congress can’t fix the budget! “Domestic Budget” is not a budget for civilians of this country, but a means for the U.S. citizens to fund social programs to the world. Billions of dollars are spent through our entitlement programs to non-citizens and no one knows, how much is spent or what will be needed to support these people. It is estimated, that the U.S. spends between $20 billion to over $350 billion on social programs for non-citizens (according to some internet sites.) With no control on immigration, how can you project what changes, if any, are need to fix our domestic program. (To keep this short and to the point), “Domestic Budget” should be for U.S. citizens only! All non-citizens assistance would fall under “Foreign Aid.” Once foreign aid and domestic budget are separated, we might be able to see who are legislators put first, U.S. citizens or foreigners.

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