The Occupy Wall Street Movement gives rise to an Anthem of Freedom and Justice – “Finally Here”

Few people anticipated that a small group of citizens practicing non-violent spontaneous street theatre on the doorsteps of the financial imperium would expand so rapidly to include demonstrations in other major US cities and galvanize a growing movement. Here is a link to its first, but surely not its last, popular song, spreading virally through cyberspace.

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  1. I was just down at Occupy Wall Street for part of today and feel confirmed in my sense that this is really important. More than important, it’s wonderful! There is much to say. If you have some time, read the following piece by Eve Ensler that was forwarded by Tom Atlee:

    I urge all to open to the possibility that this movement brings us; that people are waking up to the very simple truth that we need not organize ourselves around the principle of greed, but rather can have a society based on compassion and kindness. Duh! Didn’t we figure that out in the Sixties? The powers that be destroyed and co-opted and suppressed us and now it is rising again from within with a much more profound and powerful voice.

    I urge you to find the nearest “Occupy” event and respectfully engage with the folks there in the emerging dialogue, the searching for truth. We have no idea where this will take us, but the road sure looks like a good one.

    Love and blessings,

    Alan Levin

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