Dispatches from the global cataclysm: methane fires are burning up the atmosphere.

Jim Garrison reports in a Huffington Post op-ed on the recent discovery that the potent “greenhouse gas” methane is heating up the atmosphere much fast than anticipated. This one of those factors accelerating global climate and environment collapse that scientists have been warning us about. (Of course, some scientists are still debating and discussing the significance of these latest findings of flammable methane release).


The Russian scientist Dr. Igor Semiletov reported that methane plumes over 1000 meters across were erupting in the Arctic Ocean and that he had mapped over 100 eruptions of lesser size in a 10,000 square mile area. He speculated that there were perhaps thousands more methane eruptions over a much larger expanse. The East Siberian Arctic Shelf is a methane rich area comprised of over 2 million square miles of seafloor under the Arctic Ocean. Most of the seafloor is quite shallow and flat, about 50 meters in depth, which means that the methane shoots right up directly into the atmosphere before it can be absorbed by the ocean. Methane is one of the green houses gases and is 30 times more potent than carbon dioxide in terms of global warming.

Here is a link to a Youtube video showing University of Alaska Fairbanks professor Katey Walter Anthony, talking about and demonstrating the highly flammable methane releases from the Arctic ice.

Jim Garrison, continued:

Massive releases of methane into the atmosphere mean that climate turbulence is going to radically escalate and do so increasingly destructively, causing major breakdowns in our economic and social order. …

By 2008, scientists were reporting methane releases across Siberia and the Arctic but only as bubbles and small bursts coming to the surface through the melting permafrost. Three years later, it is gushing out as plumes a third of a mile across, releasing millions of tons into the atmosphere every day.

We all need to internalize that even as our elites are completing the construction of national security states, the climate situation on planet Earth is rapidly spinning out of control. Over the next 24 – 36 months, the gushers of methane are going to radically increase and pretty soon our whole atmosphere is going to be saturated with methane. Methane is highly flammable. As global temperatures continue to increase, lightning strikes will also increase. Sooner or later, most likely sooner than later, there are likely to be explosions in the atmosphere as lightning strikes hit particularly dense plumes of methane. It is worth remembering that it was a bubble of methane gas that erupted on the BP platform that ignited the largest oil disaster in history. That event may turn out to be the cautionary tale of our time.

We are heading into a radical destabilization of weather and society as we know it.

In the face of this, is there even a public debate? Are we preparing contingencies? Are we thinking through possible adaptations? No. Our national leaders have collectively decided to do virtually nothing. 2010 saw more CO2 spewed into the atmosphere than any year on record while our governments determined a few weeks ago at the Climate Conference in Durban essentially not to engage with climate change until 2020. While this decision was being made, most of the rest of us went holiday shopping, seeking to go about our normal lives. All of us that is except those few brave souls courageous enough to either commit civil disobedience at the White House over the tar sands issue, as damaging to our climate as methane, or Occupy our public places with the simple plea to save our future and rectify the growing inequalities…

2012 looms ahead with a nation so bitterly divided that neither public debate nor good governance are to be seen across the land. The Republican Party is dominated by lunatics wanting to de-regulate environmental laws even further while denying that climate change even exists, and the Democrats are led by a president so feckless he has lost his way, having no vision for the future other than tactical moves through the gridlock that is Washington politics. Around the world, confusion reigns, the global economy is increasingly fragile, and politics are rent with dysfunction. Right when we need all the virtues that our Republic was founded to nurture and protect, we have instead completed the construction of a national security state and allowed money corrupted politics to govern our land and much of the rest of the world.

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