Awesome footage of communication with wild animals

I received this link to the 53 minute film The Animal Communicator from Fred Burks who has the PEERS newsletter ( ) which contains information on international politics not widely known. He also has collects and presents amazing documentaries from time to time.

This film centers on Anna Breytenbach, who is a professional animal communicator who works in South Africa and teaches workshops around the world, and has developed amazing capacity to communicate with wild animals particularly in zoos and private parks where there have been difficulties. Anna Breytenbach exemplifies the mystifying field of interspecies communication. The film shows her talking with wild animal trackers from the San Bushman people in South Africa; with Jon Young, an American who teaches courses in wild animal tracking; and a visit to a big cat sanctuary in South Africa, where she helped them communicate with a black jaguar who had been traumatized and was completely unreachable beforehand. This is truly an amazing, beautiful and moving demonstration of empathic communication – Anna is able to translate the non-verbal feeling states of the animals into human language where we can respond to them appropriately.

Watch the 3-minute trailer at

2 Responses

  1. Hi Ralph. This is so beautiful. Thank you, Caroline

  2. This documentary has had a profound effect on me. It is life-changing. I have shared it far and wide, and featured it on my blog, and cannot for the life of me think why I forgot about you, but am VERY glad you have seen it and are sharing it!

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