New Book! The Expansion of Consciousness – Revised Edition


The Expansion of Consciousness – Revised Edition (2015)

by Ralph Metzner, Ph.D.

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German Translation available here

In Part One (which is unchanged from the first edition) I describe how the transformation teachings of alchemy, originating in the sacred science of ancient Egypt, persecuted by the Church in the Middle Ages, and ridiculed by scientific modernism, were revived in the 20th century by the work of two Swiss scientists: C.G Jung, who identified alchemical symbolism as the objective language of the psyche; and Albert Hofmann, whose discovery of LSD reconnected the broken link between spirit and matter – the mysterious link known traditionally as the Philosophers’ Stone.

In Part Two (which is completely re-written) I describe a seven-stage octave series of transformations of collective consciousness starting in 1945, with the peace treaties and atomic bomb explosions that marked the end of World War II. The first three stages of the octave of societal transformations culminated in the tumultuous 1960s – which saw fundamental expansions of consciousness in all areas of culture and society – but also the unresolved assassinations of four leaders, two white and two black.

The synchronous expansive movements came to a crashing halt with the repressive politics of the Nixon years, as counterculture became underground culture, and the use of psychedelic substances became stigmatized and illegal. The expansive momentum of the 1960s never re- covered. With the as yet unsolved criminal attacks of 9/11/2001, which cannot even be publicly discussed, a fateful blow was struck at the American polity and the global economic and political order.

Table of Contents:

I The Quest for the Alchemical Philosopher’s Stone

II Transformations of Collective Consciousness:
An Octave of World History from 1945 to 2001

Do – 1945-1952

Re – 1953-1960

Mi – 1961-1969

Fa – 1970-1977

Sol – 1977-1984

La – 1985-1992

Si – 1993-2001

September 11, 2001 – The end of the octave and
the end of an era


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