New Book of Poetry: Diving For Treasures

diving for treasure_cover

Diving For Treasures

Ralph Metzner, Ph.D.

These poems were written over a period of about 30 years, in the course of my travels in America and Europe, teaching courses and workshops in consciousness expansion, meditation, psychedelics, shamanism, alchemy and emerging new worldviews.

Some of these poems were recorded on a spoken voice CD called Spirit Soundings with sonic and musical accompaniment by Kit Walker and friends. The Song of the Pearl is my adaptation of a 5th century Gnostic hymn describing the soul’s journey from incarnation, through birth and growth, and ultimate return to the origin.

Epilog I: Gnostic Themes in The Song of the Pearl
Epilog II: The Road to Language
Epilog III: A Riddle with Six Answers

2 Responses

  1. I love the name of your book…and also look forward to reading it. Is there any where that I may buy it without having it shipped? Thank you for your fascinating life… Beverly Stevens 415-459-1066 5 Narragansett Cove San Rafael, Ca 94901

  2. You might find it at Readers’ Books in Sonoma. Call them. Maybe if we are all lucky enough we might even find Ralph there doing a reading. Make a request to Andy the store owner.
    Sam Keen was there recently (another famed author and Sonoma resident) and he packed the place.

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