Craig Ferguson, late-night comedian, brilliant satirist

The Owl and the Pussycat – a remarkable friendship

Bear in a Rain Barrel

People living in Colorado Springs wondered why their rain water barrel was almost empty every day.  They set up a couple of cameras and look what they caught on film.

Images of reconciliation between the hunter (dog) and the hunted (deer)

Department of Paradox – or doing the right thing for the “wrong” (?) reasons – with good consequences.

Sierra Club magazine (July/August 2011) reports that the US military is “embracing alternative energy – but not because of climate change. Up to half of the yearly American casualties in Iraq and Afghanistan have been incurred guarding fuel convoys, and the Pentagon will no longer tolerate oil’s burden in blood.”

“The Department of Defense uses more petroleum (and energy) than any other organization on the planet – $13-18 billion worth a year…The US military, despite being stretched thin by eight years and trillion-plus dollars spent in Iraq, Afghanistan and now Libya, is taking on another controversial, long-term mission: to defend America without depending on oil.”

By using portable solar panels and water purification systems, the Army reduces the dangerous trucking of oil and water supplies to field locations.

“Military officials are quick to make clear that this effort has nothing to do with political correctness, saving endangered species, or even slowing global warming…It’s about cost. It’s about national security. And it’s about the burden in blood. … Half the casualties in these conflicts (Iraq and Afghanistan) have been fuel-convoy related.”

“Talking about how a terrorist strike far smaller than 9/11 could cripple America’s power grid and detailing the budget-busting specter of $400-a-gallon fuel for military humvees that get as little as four miles per gallon, provided framing even the most die-hard congressional climate skeptic could not easily ignore. .. No less an authority than Admiral Mike Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, says, “Energy security needs to be one of the first things we think about, before we deploy another soldier, before we build another ship or plane, and before we buy or fill another rucksack.”

“The embrace of sustainability presents a severe challenge… but no more daunting than the Navy’s evolution from sail to coal to oil to nuclear. Along the way, she says, the military helped lead worldwide energy changes by seeding and building markets for new technology – something the Pentagon appears to be trying to do once more, this time for solar, biofuel, and other alternative energy sources.”

Ever true to his vision, Tim Leary takes LSD in prison with his beloved

This is Joanna Harcourt-Smith’s account of taking acid with “internal freedom” pioneer Tim Leary, while the latter was in Folsom Prison, where he was being held for “crimes” without victims.  She smuggled in two tabs in her belly button and they shared them secretly while she was visiting.

Season’s Blessings from friend Tom Pinkson

My old friend and compadre Tom Pinkson, sent out a wonderful Season’s Blessings letter, from which I’d like to quote the following two paragraphs – may they inspire you to search within for the abundant resources of inspiration and reward available to all of us.

In support of that light during this holy time of darkness may we remember that “When the going gets tough, We get what we practice”. If you do not have a practice that connects you with a light that sustains you through hard times, this winter is an excellent time to travel within to reflect on what qualities of Being you want to grow in your life, your sense of mission and purpose, why you are here, what gifts you bring to share with others that in so doing will bring you a sense of meaning and fulfillment – light through darkness.

In awareness of this when confronting challenge you can now ask yourself – “How can I respond to this situation in a way that moves me in the direction I want to grow/go/glow?” Because you have taken the time to discern the direction you do want to grow in, you are empowered out of victim reactivity into creative spiritual warriorhood consciously choosing to use your life-force energy in a skillful manner for positive manifestation – honoring the light within and being a channel for that light in the world.