Interview by Lorene Mills for “Report from Santa Fe”

Ralph Metzner interviewed by Lorene Mills on Report From Santa Fe

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In this video interview, Ralph discusses: What it means to be a “consciousness researcher,” the concept of “consciousness expansion” (compared to “psychedelic,” which has become an overloaded term), the cultural context of the 60s (how “mind expansion” was a completely new idea), normalizing the concept of consciousness expansion and contraction (focus, concentration, as in performing a skilled set of actions, surgery etc.), states of fear and rage, and how these states trigger fight or flight behavior (internal or external), normal and usual every day consciousness changes, triggers of changes in consciousness, and more.


Selected Clips From Russian Video Interview

These are selections from an interview for Russian Television recorded in Sonoma, California, in Fall 2013.

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Ways to incorporate what you learn during your “trip” into everyday life:

How it’s time to reconsider reincarnation, and the likelihood of there being some form of being that exists after the death of our physical bodies:

The 1960’s – birth of the ecology movement (“Silent Spring”), Women’s Equality movement and anti-war movements, civil rights movements and the hidden role of psychedelics:

New research on the potential benefits of psychedelics in the treatment of PTSD, accepting a terminal illness, alcoholism, and others:

Changes of world view in the 1960s and how war is basically the breakdown of civilization:

Learning to navigate states of consciousness for learning, healing and resolving conflict and interpersonal conflict:

Expanded States of Consciousness – with or without drugs:

Fight or Flight and Toxic Responses and the importance of Set and Setting:

Ayahuasca, Spirits and Multidimensionality:

Politics, Society and Community:

“Omens For Our Planetary Future” – from “Spirit Soundings” CD: